With Dave keen on a visit out to Culra Bothy ( and a chance to show his prowess on the Shooglie Bridge ) it was a case of packing up the Qashqai and heading up north on the now very familiar A9 back to Dalwhinnie. The run was basically a repeat of the solo mission I undertook last month with a slight variation taking us along the River Pattack to the waterfall. This extension served a couple of uses, firstly to extend the journey by approximately 6miles and secondly it allowed us to recce part of a loop that we will undertake in the spring. Our proposed route for the longer daylight hours will take us from Loch Laggan to Loch Pattack and back via the Ardvericke Estate, home of the Monarch of the Glen - as seen on TV. 
Our journey this time around was 25.2miles and was was again an enjoyable experience, the weather was good, fairly mild and the snow on the hills had changed the landscape totally from what I witnessed on my previous visit. Last time out I could hear the sound of Deer in the distance, this time around they were visible on the hillside above Loch Ericht.  for further details and route information
A return Visit To Culra Bothy december 2013
The route
The profile of the route
The total distance was around 25.2 miles