When researching possible mountain bike routes in the Aviemore area on the internet you will inevitably come across the Burma Road. The original road was constructed by prisoners of war back in the 1940’s and it links Aviemore and Carrbridge. Universally described as brutal it was with some degree of intrepidation that the dynamic duo set of from Inverdruie to attack this route and see for ourselves what all the fuss is about. We can categorically confirm that the start is indeed as described and for us there was no point in attempting to cycle up the steepest sections, we were quite content to accept that we would be pushing, so this is what we did enjoying the views along the way.
Once you reach the top there is a plateau and then you are rewarded with a great descent into the valley below. The road itself has a good firm surface and is ideal in the dry conditions but this soon disappears at the bottom of the run downhill.
At this point the surface changes and varies from rutted land rover track to grass as the route continues to meet General Wade’s Military Road and a rendezvous with the arched bridge at Sluggen. From Sluggan it was a case of keeping to the Military road as it cut through the Kinveachy Forest past the impressive Lodge to the point where it met the A9. After safely crossing the busy road we went under the railway to return to Aviemore on the quieter Granton on Spey B9153 road calling in at the station to watch a departing steam train before winding our way back to the start point on the quiet cycle paths of the Rothiemurchus Estate. All in all another great day out in the early June sunshine. Our total journey was just shy of 26 miles with a good mix of gruelling ascents and exhilarating descents, highly recommended.

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The Burma Road, aviemore mtb trip june 2013
The Route