After having been out to the Linn of Dee numerous times before this route covered some very familiar territory. Starting out at the Linn of Dee Dave and I set out towards Derry Lodge on the good estate road before picking up the track that headed into Glen Derry and onto the Lairig An Laoigh, our final destination being the Hutchison Memorial Hut. On the way out there was ample evidence of the previous weeks wet weather having taken its toll on the condition of the trails. There were land slips and sections of track having been washed away in places and even the bridge crossing the burn at the mountain rescue point had been swept away completely. With numerous water bars and drainage ditches to hinder progress we decided to eventually ditch the bikes about 0.5 miles from the hut and walk in. The time was pressing on and with the light issue to consider any thoughts of heading up to Loch Etchachan would have to be put on hold until the longer days return, at least we have an excuse to re-visit next year now!  Once at the hut we had a good look round at the spartan accommodation and had a late lunch before re-tracing our wheel tracks back to the car.This is real mountain biking country and there are endless routes to explore that take you out amongst the hills and into the wilderness and wild open spaces. Well worth checking out but be prepared this can be inhospitable should conditions quickly change and catch you out.  for further details and route info
The route
The total distance was 16 miles - 8 miles out & 8 miles back - a strenuous workout